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Pineapple by the Sea
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An Invitation to just show up to your retreat.  Create the yoga retreat of your dream.
Without you doing all the hectics stuff.


Don't have time to plan?

Don't know how to start?

Don't' want to deal with numbers?

Well I am here to help you.


I give you the following services:

Retreat Organization
Anything that has to do with logistic we got you:
Budget & Pricing Strategy
Itinerary for you and your guest

Location Scout
 Coordination with the
best hidden-gems
Making sure this is the place you and your students want to go

Marketing Plan
Landing Page
Marketing Flyers
Professional Images
Social Media
Email Marketing

Costumer Service
We take care of all the retreat questions and booking inquiries.
Payments Plans and anything to do with processing fees
Before the trip we have a agent specialized for you to have calls. We even help them find their airfaire transportation.


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Beach Party
Beach Landscapes
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Yoga by the Pool
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