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Auditioning for Core Power Yoga

MY EXPIERENCE: Miami Brickell Location: For Yoga Sculpt and C2 Format:

Having auditioned in 2022, I recognize that certain aspects might have evolved since then. My journey as a Core Power Yoga Teacher spanned a year and a half, and had it not been for my relocation, I would still be actively teaching, given my deep love for it. It was a wonderful experience.

For the C2 Format:

The initial step involves obtaining certification and completing a 200-hour teacher training, either from Core Power or another accredited studio. Typically, newcomers start with the C1 format to acclimate, so there's minimal cause for concern. While the audition process may seem daunting, I assure you it's an enjoyable experience.

You'll be provided with a specific format to learn, ensuring you're well-versed in what you'll be teaching. A crucial aspect involves selecting a muscle focus group. Consider a scenario where there's a peak pose in your sequence, be it a full split or half-moon. Delve into the muscles that need engagement and discussion before entering that pose. For instance, if it's a full split, focus on the hamstrings. During the audition, you'll be required to articulate a cue related to this, showcasing your understanding of the practice.

Additionally, choose a theme, whether it's a single word or a sentence, especially for purposeful auditions. Select a word that easily lends itself to development. Don't forget to incorporate breathwork and adhere to the CPY formulas.

Remember to be authentic – you've got this. If, for any reason, you don't pass, take it as an opportunity for growth. Feedback will only make you stronger for the next attempt.

Now, transitioning to Yoga Sculpt, the process remains similar, with the added component of the music formula. This essentially serves as the heartbeat of the format, dictating the rhythm and flow of the class. Pay close attention to the beat as you guide the session, infusing energy and creativity into your sequences.

But Overall you got this.

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