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Hosting a retreat in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua.

I just came back from my first retreat in Nicaragua and can't stop bragging about how amazing the country is. One of my favorite countries on my list of Central America.

I decided to host a small yoga retreat from Wednesday to Sunday in San Juan del Sur to be more specific in Playa Escameca. It was wonderful

Do you see yourself in this amazing sunset? Well, my students did. I decided to host a retreat in a place out of the ordinary so decided to do Nicaragua specifically in this hidden beautiful place. This place is 40 minutes after getting into San Juan del Sur, in dirt to get to the hotel and what an experience we had.


So what do you expect of a yoga retreat in Nicaragua?

  1. Yoga with a view well with multiple views.

I guided several meditation and yoga sections in different places that the hotel had. With multiples views. From Vinyasa, ashtanga to just regular yin yoga. We had to walk for several of these views. Since the hotel was a big hotel. My retreats have from vinyasa, meditation, yin yoga and we also did a Cacao Ceromony.

Imaging doing yoga with this view or just anything. Really?

2. Hike an active Volcano and then Sand Boarding

Our group decided to do a trip for 5 hours to go into the volcano Cerro Negro and then go Sand Boarded is a really unique expierience and the hike is only aroun 30 minutes to an hour.

3. Just Walking in San Juan del Sur

We decided some of to take motorcycles and atv just to explore around the town after having amazing Ceviche. Where we also saw the christ monument and did a minor hike.

So, what can we expect in terms of logistics?

In terms of logistics this was kind of difficult since airfare got cancel and my student where really scare that the flights were going to get cancel also getting transportation was very difficult since we arrived very late so totally recommend to arrive very early.

This lodging that we decided to host the retreat was amazing

  1. Eco friendly - mostly solar power

  2. Cost Effective - very friendly for our students

  3. Amazing Food - the form was farm to table

  4. Multiple Shalas

  5. Sauna

  6. Spa

  7. Transporation - it was offered

Have questions? Ready to do your own retreat? Let's talk

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