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Selfacare - Tulum Solo Trip Weekend getaway

I decided to go in the middle of the week for a solo trip to Tulum, since I already knew a little bit of everything since I've been there so I packed my bags and rented a car. It was amazing because it was low season meaning everything was more cheap.

I stayed in the Maya Tulum for half the price of what it is and rented a bike from them. This area is better if you are looking more to retreat yourself is next to Amansala and Azulik.

If you are a digital nomad this is a great spot to work since multiple people where solo travelers working there. Only problem like in all Tulum at least once the Power went out.

So about the yoga. Where did I did the yoga?

1. Maya Tulum has a beautiful shala unfortunately since it was low season I didn't had a yoga class but still did my own practice in one of there shala. They have two shalas plus they host retreat here.

2. Azulik

This was one of the best yoga expierences I did. I practice a regular vinyasa flow but it was a complete class. Teacher adjusted and it was very spiritual. If you like the chanting and going in with an intension you need to try this class. I love it so much I forgot to take pictures

Picture is from

3. Coco Tulum

Nices studio in town really great spot to do yoga and still away out of the crowds.

4. Selina Tulum

I always visit the Selina when I am out of town. Eventhough I love Selina's chain I was not a fan of this one. Unless you like the party scene. Yoga was to loud, I also did a massage and it was to loud because the bar is next door.

5. Amansala

Wow, this shala was amazing and same thing because it was out of season, they were no classes but had the opportunity and explore the studio and loved it. Energy felt great.

Anywhere you go you will find spots to do yoga so you will be find.

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