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THE DAYS BEFORE PLANNING A RETREAT - A Yoga Teacher's Journey to Tayrona, Colombia

I mean we all been here, if you have plan a retreat before, the nervousness and the joy of just been there already. I find myself perched on the edge of an adventure. In just two days, I'll be leading a yoga retreat in the stunning paradise of Tayrona, Colombia. The excitement is palpable, but so are the pre-retreat jitters that seem to accompany every journey into the unknown. Its the second time I am there but with a new crew like always you just see new things.

First time in Palmino

And the Countdown Begins: As a yoga teacher, I'm accustomed to guiding students through moments of uncertainty on the mat. But the days leading up to hosting a retreat have a unique blend of excitement and anxiety that's both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Tayrona's pristine beaches and lush landscapes are calling, and I can hardly wait to immerse myself in the tranquility it promises.

The Battle of Preparedness and Nerves: Every detail is meticulously planned – from the daily yoga sessions to the mindful hikes. Yet, despite my best efforts, there's a persistent flutter in my stomach. It's a reminder that even as a teacher, I'm also a traveler, vulnerable to the uncertainties that come with any journey.

Embracing the Anxious Energy: I've come to realize that this blend of excitement and anxiety is a testament to the significance of what's about to unfold. It's a reminder that I care deeply about creating a transformative experience for my retreat participants. And, truth be told, it's a sentiment shared by many yoga teachers before they embark on their own journeys.

The Essentials: What Not to Forget:

  1. Breath and Presence: Amidst the whirlwind of packing and double-checking itineraries, I remind myself to breathe. The same presence I guide my students toward on the mat applies just as much to me in these moments.

  2. Journal and Intentions: I pack a journal to document not only the experiences of the retreat but also my own reflections and intentions for the journey. This helps ground me and fosters a sense of connection with both myself and the group.

  3. Comfortable Clothing: While it's tempting to overpack, I stick to comfortable yoga clothing and essentials. Mosquito repellent and sunblocks are a most. Simplicity brings clarity, after all.

  4. Tech Detox: While I want to capture the beauty of Tayrona, I also remind myself to disconnect from technology as much as possible. Retreats are about real connections, not just virtual ones.

  5. Open Heart: Finally, I remind myself that while I'm the guide, I'm also a participant in this experience. Keeping my heart open to whatever unfolds is key.

As the final day before departure approaches, I find solace in knowing that these pre-retreat jitters are not only normal but also a sign of the transformative journey ahead. I'll embrace the excitement, acknowledge the nerves, and step onto that plane with the intention to create a retreat that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all involved. And as I close my suitcase, ready to embark on this adventure, I know that the magic of Tayrona, the power of yoga, and the human connections waiting to be formed will make every moment of anxious anticipation well worth it.


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