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Where to do yoga in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

If you are looking for a different spot to do yoga maybe Santa Teresa Costa Rica be for you. It has multiple places to do yoga plus you can also see it in the beautiful sunset at the beach. We stay there for a couple of days and had so much fun.

Better get that atv to have extra fun



1. Selina South/ North

Selina has two hotel in this area each one of them a 20 minute walk and by car a 5 minute drive. The South has

the proper yoga center but the North provides a

shuttle to take you to the South also the North offers yoga classes at the beach if its not raining. They have different types from meditation, vinyasa,power and yin. Also they have multiple events during the week.

Hours are:

7:00 am 8:00 am 4:00 pm (might change)

Classes cost: $13 per class

IG: @selinacostarica

2. Believe Yoga Surf & Nautilus

This beautiful two sister hotels are the best if you want to buy a package because well you get two venues for a price of one. I book the 4 classes for $45 to try both studios and did yin, yin yang yoga and 2 of vinyasa yoga. Their schedule has plenty of offers and if you can't make to one the sister hotel got you. Both of them are like 10 minute apart. Morning and evening classes available with

Classes cost: $16 per class - 4 for $45 and they have unlimited classes for $100

3. Casa Zen

This hotel is in the center of Santa Teresa more located to the south. It's in a beautiful hidden spot walking towards the beach.

4. Casa Horizon

If you want to do yoga in a mountain watching the beach this is your spot. Located in Santa Teresa South near Corazon and Koji (amazing restaurants FYI) you have to hike maybe a 2 minute walk towards the mountain to get to this beautiful gem.

5. Tropical Latino

This hotel has yoga in front of the beach and two studio. Beautiful energy. They have multiple packages available and one of my favorite yoga,breakfast and a massage for $105.

They also have a 4 classes for $50.


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