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Let me help you in your yoga journey 


For a personalized and intimate yoga experience, Coco and Pineapple also offers private sessions tailored to individual preferences and goals. Lorena's teaching approach focuses on creating a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and growth.

Additionally, Coco and Pineapple hosts various yoga events, inviting yoga enthusiasts of all levels to come together and deepen their practice. These events provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share positive energy, and foster a sense of community.

Whether you're looking to unwind in a private session, join an invigorating yoga event, or plan a corporate yoga class, Coco and Pineapple is here to guide you on your yoga journey.

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Create your dream retreat today!

Did you know that retreats are one of the best ways to help your clients change their lives? Here at Coco + Pineapple we are your retreat solution provider.

Yoga is a way of life that takes you from where you're at to your highest self.

Hi! I'm Lorena and my goal is to help you make yoga perfect for you!

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