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Building your own yoga retreat.

So you want to build a yoga retreat abroad and don't know how to start?

I am going to give you some tips to have the best experience possible. For you to make sure you and your students have the best time of your life.

Step 1:

Figure out what location you are most comfortable with.

After this question, ask your student if this is a place they want to explore and take a wellness retreat. From my experience, not everyone wants to travel to the same places. It is okay to only have around 8-10 people interested at first. With this, at least you know you had people in.

You have the idea of the location? The search is on for that location.

Step 2 :

Let's budget.

I know numbers for most of us are not the best thing. I get it but unfortunately, we have to budget to know what we need. So the first question that you need to ask is how much do you want to pay. Second question do you know your students budget or the people that willin g to go?

After planning, usually what I do with my client is a survey and create an excel list (boring, I know) to see what is doable. It's the headstart.

Step 3:

What your vision?

What do you want your clients to take with them?

Now the fun part comes. Its basically day dreaming that your retreat is over and what was your vision. What Kind of things did you do ? From there is basically writen your vision and mision in a paper. Maybe even do a Vision Board.

Step 4:

Marketing and Sale

This can be another fun part if you like social media marketing but it can also be tedious. This is the part that you sale, sale and sale. Depending the type of client you decide what type of marketing you have to choose. Usually, with my clients it is a mix. We do it traditional and digital marketing and it works. It is also time to hype all your clients on what you are doing.

Step 5:

Build your itinerary:

Now you have sold out, you have the exact idea of who is going. So we start planning the events. How many yoga clases and what yoga clases? Are you doing ceremonies? What do you have in mind?

Thats a few of the things to plan in a yoga retreat want to talk more ?

Want to build your own retreat but don't want to focus on the logistic?

Contact Me

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