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Why hire a wellness event planner?

We want to make a yoga retreat, but then ups, I need to figure out how to start or wait; I don't want to hire an event planner; I have everything under control.

When we plan to have an extended retreat for our students, we start having a million excuses of why not to do it, or if you are like me, start doing everything under control but then get overwhelmed.

Here is why you need an event planner for your wellness retreat:

  1. We help you figure out what your student needs, and we do a location scout.

  2. An event planner offers customer service.

  3. Marketing; everything that has to do with marketing, from flyers to landing pages.

  4. For anything that has to do with logistics, you have the vision. The event planner executes it and makes it possible, from looking at transportation to what types of food your student needs.

  5. Plus they do anything else that you need

You get to have the fun part and the event planner the stress part. Its a win for you.

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